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We have tried to keep this website in plain English and jargon free we hope you enjoy looking at our products.

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We have included a carefully selected range of LED technology and these are a great way of lighting your home or office, saving money and reducing maintenance. Our principal supplier is Integral LED, who have won many awards including "Which Best Buy". Their products are very great value, well packaged and very energy efficient.


For standard light bulbs or lamps as the trade calls them, we have selected Bell, (British Electric Lamps Ltd). This range includes traditional incandescent, halogen spotlight bulbs and compact fluorescent energy saving light bulbs.

For decorative lighting we have Diyas for classic lighting, high quality lighting for every room throughout your home, and for something a little more contemporary we have the Mantra range of unique designs from Spanish designers, these offer a range that is cutting edge and give you a look of difference from the norm.


Moving to commercial lighting we have chosen Red Arrow, whose range of shop and office lighting gives reliability and value for money. The main part of this range is lighting for suspended ceilings used in shops and office. There is also an equivalent range that have finished edges or frames so they can be flush mounted on a ceiling or hung on chains. The Red Arrow range also includes warehouse lighting which includes high bay and low bay lighting in both metal halide and led technology. The Red Arrow floodlight range is very extensive for lighting commercial areas, this range is available in both high power metal halide and LED. Finally we have IP65 non corrosive fluorescent lighting, which can be mounted inside or out. There are a number of applications for this lighting such as car parks, garages, warehouses, fridges, spray booths etc. These fittings are available in 240v and 110v for site lighting.





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